Monday, June 25, 2007


Busy month -- Father's Day, and a week later my dad's birthday, and a week later my parents' anniversary!! They are celebrating 54 years of marriage this week, and this is the card I made to send to them. On the inside, it says, surprisingly, "Happy Anniversary!" I pierced three parallel rows along the top of the card -- it may be hard to see that in the picture. I stamped the flowers (More Petal Prints - Stampin' Up!) on watercolor paper and then used my Aqua Brush to soften them. Did the same thing with the swirls (Rhonna Farrer), added the ribbon, a designer paper mat (it looks like watercolor, but it is the paper), and attached it to my black base. I hope they will like it! They are moving here (from 1500 miles away) next month and I am super excited!


  1. It is a gorgeous card!!! I love Rhonna Farrer and you did her swirls justice.

    How wonderful your parents will be moving here. I got my parents to move from Lincoln to Norfolk which initially was tough because they're originally from Baltimore and Chicago and thought Lincoln was small enough ;) Now they LOVE Norfolk and I LOVE having them close by.

  2. Great watercolor card! Some of my favorite colors and I've always liked that set! I really like the swirls!

  3. Wow -- another beautiful one, love the colors!!!


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