Sunday, June 10, 2007

Changed in a Moment

Life is precious.
Change can take place in a the blink of an eye.
As many of you have read, my sister was in a terrible car accident at the end of April (see May 3). It was an accident that could have changed her life to a moment. It didn't, but she is still changed.

This week one of my friends and her husband lost a baby in utero at 18 weeks. Their lives changed in a moment with that news from their doctor. Our lives have changed by seeing how they have responded to and encouraged us in the midst of this sad situation.

Yesterday morning we received word that our sister church, 110 miles east of us in Lincoln, had burned to the ground. Today they were to have had a ground-breaking ceremony for a new addition. Changed lives. Refined with fire. Pressing onward.
(I don't know the photographer of the pictures; they were sent to me by a friend.)

It was easy to choose the card to case for the Featured Stamper Challenge, as many refining and defining moments have been in my mind and on my heart. September 11, 2001.

I need to remember every day - not just in times of tragedy - that I am being changed daily, to press onward, to be refined.
"He is consuming my soul..refining me, making me whole. No matter what I may lose, I choose the Refiner's Fire." (~Jon Mohr and Randall Dennis)


  1. Such thought-provoking things happening. Sometimes, we don't understand WHY "bad"things happen, but it's important to remember that the Lord is always in control, and NO MATTER WHAT He has our best in mind, even if we may not understand it at the time.

  2. What a HORRIBLE fire...Scary...

    The card is lovely, I love ladybugs...

  3. Please know your in my thoughts and thank you for reminding me of how fast life can change. I do think of that often.

    What a beautiful card

  4. How right you are! We should appreciate every day we are blessed with...thank you for the reminder. Thank the Dear Lord that your sister survived that accident:)

  5. My heart just goes out to those people who have to deal with such losses. Kelli, the pastor's wife of this church, was one of my closest friends growing up, and I know their family and the church family is strong but you're right, it makes you stop and realize how fast life can change. Thank you for a wonderful article. Very thought provoking.

  6. Very sad day for people. The fire pictures are awesomely scary and moving.

    I like your patriotic card, especially the pledge background. Terrific as usual!


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