Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Expectations and Truth

So many times my husband and I have been working on something and when we're finished we will say, "Wow - that took WAY longer than I thought it would." "Good grief! That took WAY too long!" or "That shouldn't have taken as long as it did!"

Have you ever said that? It's funny the time limits we put on things and how it's never what we expect. Like yesterday, for example! Those two cards I made came together in 15 minutes -- total for both! I must have been inspired subconsciously. Today's card on the other hand? Well, "That shouldn't have taken as long as it did!" Sometimes the ideas are slower to come and I guess it's that kind of day.

Here it is already almost 2 P.M. and I haven't accomplished anything much! Like where is the Polished Stone tutorial?? I have about half of the pictures done so it really will get here soon! And I haven't yet drawn a blog candy winner, but that will definitely come later today....

But I did find my missing debit card (think of all the money I saved since Sunday when it went MIA!!), and I did eat lunch...lol...and I talked to my lovely mom and sister on the phone! I am excited -- I think my parents will be moving here soon - (we are 1500 miles apart now) and that will be fun for me and also my kids - to be nearer at least one set of grandparents!

And I made this card. Today's challenge was to use Real Red, Creamy Caramel and Barely Banana -- perhaps not a color combination that comes readily to mind! But I loved it! I made this card for a wacky friend whose birthday just passed, and who also just retired -- a subtle hint to her that she is going' out to pasture! She will think it's funny, I know!

I also organized my stamp room this week (I had FUN even!) and found about a gazillion eyelets and brads I didn't know I had -- so I told my sister I was going to try to put a ton of eyelets on some of my cards to use my embellishments! And here it is. Enjoy your day -- and check back for the winner!


  1. I love this set! I have it from a million years ago! Weird-sounding colors, but they look good together! I love the new cartoon at the bottom!

  2. I have those feelings all the time. Actually today was that way for me as well. I just can't focus or get motivated to do anything. I really would just like to take a nap. The card is adorable by the way! Have a great day!


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