Friday, June 8, 2007

This and That

I am getting ready for a garage sale -- you know those sales that are supposed to make your house cleaner and more organized? The process certainly does the opposite. I have piles of stuff to get rid of, piles to sell, piles to throw away, and piles to pack away for another season. Hopefully, the means will be worth it in the end, because right now I just want to throw it all out! It is so much work. It does make me feel like I am accomplishing something, though. I want to have a productive summer, where I can look back in September and say, "Oh yeah, I did that and this and that!" (substitute all the things I got done!) instead of "I just sort of whittled away the time doing.....uh.....this and that" (actually using those words).

I did accomplish making a SCS Challenge card -- and it's a quick one, but I like how it turned out. It was for the Limited Supplies Challenge - using non-background stamps to make backgrounds. I made mine using two retired sets (isn't that all I have now? haha!): Everyday Expressions (love the font) and Flower Factory. I have always liked this flower set because it is so versatile and the images are so different. So, I am off to do "this and that" and hope that you accomplish something you want to do today as well.


  1. Cute card! Why don't I have Flower Factory? Oh, yeah- it always looks better on your cards than in the catalog (in gray)! Love the music!

  2. What a gorgeous card. I like your use of color!


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