Friday, July 20, 2007

Tapestry of Life

Here is a new technique for me -- Tapestry -- which you can read about here. I think I need some more practice with this but it was fun!

I am not sure I like how this turned out, but since it is my second try at this technique, it will have to do for now! The other one is in the circular file -- I think it really makes a difference with what images and colors you use~ so I will continuing to scout out other cards using this technique, because I like what everyone else is doing! :)

The paisley is stamped in Eggplant on the tapestry piece, and in White on the Eggplant piece, then Black is the base cardstock color everything is layered on -- it's hard to tell the difference between the Black and Eggplant in the picture~ The tapestry piece is very glossy! The little charm says "Love much." The white strip is from Doodlebug's Paper Frills.


  1. Very nice! I'll have to read up on the tapestry technique. It looks elegant.

  2. I need to find out how this is done. I like the look! Great colors!


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