Thursday, March 20, 2008

Family Times

Greetings from North Carolina!

We are having a wonderful time visiting my son here. The weather is really nice (at least to us Nebraskans!) and we are enjoying our week off. I had not been here since we brought him as a freshman and left him at his dorm room, not knowing anyone! THAT was a really hard day. I can remember making the huge mistake of going into his empty bedroom when we got home. Don't do it, Moms! :) I think I cried for that whole day. It's a little easier now, but not much! 1500 miles is a long way away!

He is in an apartment now, and last night I finally got to meet his roommate. They are in school this week, as their break was last week, and in a way that's good, since we got to go to a concert my son was playing in last night. It was awesome!

His university trumpet ensemble competed at the National Trumpet Competition in Washington D.C. last week and they got 5th place in the nation! We are excited and proud!

We stopped at Mammoth Cave National Park on the way here. It was 280 steep steps down into the cave and 220 out! My legs are still sore and that was last Sunday! I have places that hurt in my legs that I didn't even know existed! ha!

Today we leave for Nag's Head, and the beach for a couple of days. It's supposed to rain a bit, but it will be fun, as all four of us will be together. Easter Sunday my son plays at a church in his city (he is a trumpeter). We will go to that service and then start the long drive back home.

I don't look forward to that, but I will be able to stamp again! (I have been working on my afghan instead!)

Thanks for stopping by and look for another post and a project on Tuesday when I get home!


  1. Judy I hope you are having a great time with your son. Mine chose to visit his grandparents for spring break.

  2. I am happy to hear you are having a good time!! Be safe and have a great weekend!! Be careful on the way home, the central part of the US is kinda under water!!LOL

  3. Aren't you missing the chilly winds of Nebraska?

  4. So glad you are having a fantastic time! Safe trip home!


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