Thursday, March 27, 2008

Yes, I love my PINK robe........

I have this pink robe that is probably 15 years old. I LOVE it. It's hot pink and long and actually goes around me, and is made of terry cloth. I can't stand that new polyester whatever material that robes are made of now. They are supposed to be soft and all comfy wonderful, but I want a robe that soaks us excess moisture when I get out of the shower, one that is warm, and one that doesn't have static cling!

So, needless to say, my robe is a BIT worn out. Like, I have a hole the size of a crock pot on the shoulder in the back! And various other places that are thin. My husband said "I will buy you a new robe!" But the kind I want is hard to find - at least something that I can afford! Most of the long terry robes are $80-100!

At Christmastime, my husband searched on the internet and found a possiblity -- but white......nice price - $40 - it was at a place called Sierra Trading Post. I liked it - they had my size - he said GET IT. But I put it off and put it off.....and then one day I decided okay - white it will be. I have black dogs, so wasn't too excited about white, plus my favorite color is PINK!

So I go back to the website and GUESS WHAT! They have PINK now!!!! (This was at Christmastime). I immediately check the return policy -- I read all the reviews -- it has to be real terry and plush and long and big (cuz I am definitely bigger than at Christmas (bleh!).......I order one, knowing I have a 100% money back guarantee!
And oh my goodness! It is perfect - better than the original - softer, longer, bigger, and I LOVE it!

So my friends tease my about my pink robe, because I am always talking about it and I wear it a lot! :)
So look what I get in the mail:

I got the above card from my friend Billie. I laughed so hard. I knew something was up when a couple of days later this one from Stacy came:

Now Stacy knows that I love my OLD one too -- when I first saw this card, I was all concerned that the Post Office had mangled it in one of their machines -- so there I am -- trying to fix the edge of the robe, and then DUH! The light bulb finally comes on and I see that Stacy has made it all ratty and torn! HAHA She thinks I need to dump my old robe now! NOT! What would I color my hair in??? She also knows that I surf the net in my new robe, with my hair not even yet combed! What a hoot!
Not to be outdone, Angel sends this one:

Isn't that a hilarious sentiment to use for my dearly loved NEW robe???
And for the last -- Deborah sent me this one, with a computer generated sentiment.

We both love the theater, so the inside says "It is the robe of Thespis!" Isn't that clever? I have some crazy friends.....and they really make my life way more fun! And PINK!
By the way -- need a new robe? Check out Sierra Trading Post!!!

Thanks for reading my story!


  1. Oh I love that you posted them all together! How fun! Hee hee You know the old one still has to go though. lol Did you ever order the extra one with the discount they gave you? Stacy

  2. LOL! Your robe story is so funny and look at all the great robe cards, that is too halarious! Oh your friends are so creative, that last one is just too clever, haha! Now you have a comfy new robe in your color and all these fun reminders of your story! great share, thanks!

  3. Love your robe cards!

    Your new hair is nifty!

  4. Ahhhh Judy I am glad you received these well deserved cards....If you "need" images, Stacy is now the proud owner of the stamp. Great cards girl...


  5. I love these too! Who knew you could make such great cards with one robe! Great!

  6. Oh, that is hysterical. I'm sitting here in my plush red robe with matching sox..reading, laughing and wondering where that robe stamp comes from? Did I miss it in the story?

  7. So funny, and it sounds like your friends are a hoot!! You are lucky to have them!!! Love your new avatar by the way!! Great hair!!

  8. Oh these cards are just too fun! I love cards like this, and you did a great job on each one of them! and just so FYI.. my robe is baby blue with eeyores all over it!

  9. I love that story. You have great friends! Great cards ladies!!

  10. What a unique idea! They are all so adorable!



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