Sunday, April 6, 2008

We are huge animal lovers in this house...

My giraffe collection isn't just rubber stamps. I also have stuffed ones, wood, ceramic, pewter, brass, crystal, cloth, you name it! I have never counted them, but would estimate my collection to be in the hundreds. I will share more pictures with you later this week of various parts of the menagerie.

Besides giraffes, we love animals in this house. My favorite place to go for fun is our zoo. I love to watch all kinds of different animals and see what character they have. Someday I would love to go on Safari.

I should have a picture of our red-eared slider (water turtle) down on the sidebar with the puppies -- maybe I will try to get one this week~! "Raph" has been with us for fourteen years -- the longest time of any pet! He deserves a sidebar spot, don't you think?

Today I decided I need to stretch my mind as for what to stamp. So I went looking for a picture that would reflect one of our family's loves: animals! So here it is.
I plan to stamp something this week that this picture inspires:

We will see what I come up with! What would you stamp?


  1. Wow, all kinds of elements to use as inspiration in this piece! Have fun playing. :)

  2. wow, i've never had anything for 14 years! he's a lucky turtle

  3. Hi Judy - great animal collage picture!

    I've just tagged you - check out my blog!

  4. I would stamp the cheetah! My children and I were watching Animal Planet the other day when a program was on about a preserve for them just south of Johannesburg, South Africa. We were all teary eyed to find that the cheetah was so endangered by poachers and farmers in the area. My kids love them and when they see the cubs they try to convince me that we can have a domesticated cheetah living in the house.

  5. Nifty pic! I immediately thought of a tiger's eye stamp I have- haven't yet figured out what to do with it...And Raph definitely deserves a sidebar-especially after he survived a visit from his "aunt" who overfed him by abouta zillion turtle pellets...


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