Sunday, April 20, 2008

What Weird and Random Facts?

I was tagged today by Keri! I love this weird and random facts game -- because you can put all sorts of crazy things! So let's see..... (hopefully these are not repeats from when I did this a long time ago, but maybe no one would remember anyway!) I will let you decide if each one is weird or random or even worth mentioning! :)

1) Since Keri tagged me, and she crochets, I will also tell you that I love to crochet!
2) I don't know how to swim ~ but my most restful vacations have been at the beach.
3) I knew what I wanted to be (a music teacher) when I was in 6th grade (at least that is when I remember it). But if I could change my career now, I would be a photographer (or just stamp for a living!).
4) I am a huge Lost and American Idol fan.
5) I hate riding on big roller coasters (but love the ones at Disneyland like Matterhorn and Thunder Mtn. and Space Mtn.).
6) I am going to Ireland for 11 days in one MONTH!!
7) One time, about 22 years ago, my husband and I drove our little Toyota car (BEFORE we had kids!) through a river without knowing if there were boulders or if we would be swept away (keep in mind #2 above!). We had driven 100 miles/3 hours on back roads in Utah to meet his parents to camp, and when we got to the place where the map said there was a bridge, there wasn't one! Our choice was 4 hours back or cross and meet them in 5 minutes. (No cell phones in those days and we wouldn't have been able to contact them to let them know why we were late had we gone back around the canyon!) We could see the road across the river where we were supposed to meet them, so he gunned it and we *sailed* across! Oh, those were the days. EEK! I can't even imagine doing that now..........

I am tagging:

Thanks, Keri, for a fun game!


  1. I KNEW I could count on you!!! Thanks for playing along with me. :) I CANNOT believe you drove across the river! How funny is that! Would you do it all over agaiin? hahahaha

  2. Thanks for tagging me Judy! I'll have to think a bit - I've been tagged twice for random facts in the last month ... don't know if I have any more things to tell!!!

  3. That was fun to get to know you!! Crossing a river....well, now you know you can survive anything!! Including those kids that came along later!! LOL

  4. Fun to know a little more about you!

    Just wanted you to know that I'm passing along an award to you. Check out my blog to "pick it up!"

  5. OMG! You better not tell Mom and DAD!


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