Thursday, June 19, 2008

Tags and Honors ~

My blog was chosen Featured Blog of the Week by A Faith Persepctive. Thank you so much for the kind comments and for choosing me, Anne! I am honored! Readers, be sure to stop there and have a peek! Lots of fun stuff!

Sue Daly over at tagged me! I have played this before, but maybe I can come up with 7 "other" things!

1. I don't like the taste of nuts. When we have a potluck, several of my friends at church will make their desserts with half nuts and half not, or no nuts at all! Isn't that sweet? Brownies are BEST without nuts!!
2. I have all four of my wisdom teeth. But I found out yesterday at the dentist that two have to come out in August. Fun times! I guess I will only be half-wise?
3. I rarely read a book twice. The only books I have re-read are East of Eden by John Steinbeck, the Tolkien Fellowship of the Ring series, and C.S. Lewis's Narnia series.
4. I love to play all sorts of games - board games, card games, games like Mafia (it's a fun one!)...
5. If I switched jobs, I would like to be a photographer or a Music Minister in a large church (I do that now, but in a small church, and not as a career) where I would have a Children's Choir, a praise band, orchestra, adult choirs and praise team, and LOTS of people in them all!
6. My favorite date is either going to the zoo, or a dinner and movie night.
7. I am blessed to have good friends, a GREAT husband, and awesome kids.

Thanks, Sue!! Sue sent me a card that I will be posting tomorrow here. She also sent me some goodies to make a card with and I will be posting that later this weekend! Be sure to check out her blog (link above)!

I am tagging:
Cindy - aka Mothermark! One of my favorite people that I haven't yet met in person. She is funny, creative, and makes awesome unique cards. Check out her new blog HERE.

Deborah - aka Beadn&Stampn! A good friend and a wonderful jewelry designer as well as cardmaker. Deb is moving from Texas to North Carolina soon, and I hope to meet up with her someday too! Her blog is HERE.

Silvia! Silvia makes really unique and fun projects and shares her love of God with everyone she meets! A great example for us all. Check out Mabie Stampin'!

Julia! Julia makes AMAZING cards and is so creative with her designs. She shared her Ireland pictures with me before I went on my trip late last month and got me excited about going! Thanks for sharing the pictures and your awesome cards with us, Julia!

A newly discovered blog - Stampin with Sugar - FUN stuff - awesome card designs! Go check out Christyne's blog and spend some time looking at her fabulous Embrace Life cards!

Lori! Lori has fun cards and pictures of bugs too! :) She also has some fun candles that I am going to order some day!

And I save my last one for all of my readers! I appreciate all of you so much! Consider yourself tagged! Be sure to leave me a comment on here, so I can go and read about you too!!


  1. I nuts in Brownies!

    Congrats on being honored on that other blog. I will check it out after I post this comment!

  2. And for the record..getting my wisdom teeth pulled was more painful than giving birth. Not the actual pulling... but the pain that came afterwards! Be careful!

  3. I still have all of my wisdome teeth and hope to never have to have them pulled!

    Congrats on being a Featured Blogger!

  4. Thanks for the tag Judy and the lovely complement for my blog! I used to be the same way with nuts - and suddenly I now like them! even in brownies!! go figure?!?!

  5. You make such beautiful cards! Wow!! I had my wisdom teeth out a few years ago. When I mentioned recovery to my oral surgeon, he looked at me and said, "Well, this is why we usually tell you to have them out when you're in your late teens/early 20's!" Ugh. Sleeping in a recliner helps reduce swelling. Hope all goes well.


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