Friday, January 9, 2009

Valentine Love: Great News, Good News, Some News!

Today I worked with one of my peg stamp sets from Rubber Stamp Tapestry called Heart Deco. It has such fun little hearts and foliage to make such pretty wreaths and borders. The inks I used led me to the cardstock colors, and then to the ribbon. I love the combination of pinks and greens, but when I was all done, it turned out a little Christmas-y perhaps. That's okay, because by the time I send this as a Valentine, Christmas will be long gone!

I added two rows of pearls to the sentiment frame to coordinate with the pearls in the corners of the main panel. For a fabulous tutorial on how to make a card similar to this, visit RST's brand new blog: Tapestry Stamp Techniques. Susan Walton, the owner, of Rubber Stamp Tapestry does a marvelous job of showing how easy it is to work with peg stamps to create beautiful projects!

AND, if you scroll all the way down, you will see my card there! Yep, I am a new designer for Rubber Stamp Tapestry! (That is the GREAT news!) I am thrilled about this, as I love their stamps, and the way that one set can make oodles of different, beautiful wreaths and garlands, as well as any other design you can think of! HERE is a detailed description of how I made my card, with measurements and ink colors from RST. Check out the RST website - they have so much to offer, from stamps to inks, to accessories, to Nestabilities too!

End of stamping news/beginning of personal news!

And now for the rest of the news today: Many of you have been praying for me and know that today I had my second appointment with the hand surgeon to talk about the results of the nerve test I had last Friday. He has determined that I only need surgery on my left hand, and that it will fix the numbness and tingling I have there (good news!). He does not recommend surgery for my right hand now (also good news!), because the pain from my right hand is from osteo-arthritis (not great or good news, but some news!), not carpal tunnel (great news!).

He told me that I will need six weeks of NOTHING with my left hand (no stamping, no piano playing, no keyboarding) and that surgery will need to be scheduled two weeks in advance. Since I have an elementary music program coming up March, it isn't going to work to have it done before March 31. I am going to CHA and Disneyland in about two weeks and I need my hands to hold on when we ride the Indiana Jones ride!

But I am really happy that my right hand will keep me going after the surgery. I think I can stamp with only one hand (esp. the right!), I can type (albeit slowly) with just one hand, and I can play one-handed too! So that's the news!

And by the time I direct "My Fair Lady" this July, I will be all done! Thank you again for all your concern and well wishes. You all are wonderful!


  1. Judy, congratulations on the RST designer position!! I suppose I will end up needing more of their stamps too now...

    Glad most of the news regarding your hands was good.

  2. Judy your blog is such an inspriration!!! Thanks for all of the beautiful artwork :)


  3. OMGosh!!! You're going CHA? I have to see you there!

  4. Okkkkkkkkk...... 1) LOVE THE CARD!!!
    2) Congrats on the gig!!!!
    3) Good news on your hands! Now you take it easy girl.... do I need to come stamp for you? ;)


  5. Congrats on the new design team. I have seen those stamps before and they are really lovely...if you have the knack for flowers...which you most certainly do! Sorry to hear about your hand. Guess you'll have to go retro and just chat on the phone!

  6. Judy, congratulations on the RST designer gig!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!
    So glad the news with the surgery is good. I know you will be glad when it is all over. I would go ahead and have the surgery right away and NOT hold on on the Indiana Jones Ride...hee hee!!!!

  7. Congrats on the RST team. Awesome about only surgury on one hand, will keep the prayers coming your way! Big hugs...

  8. Congratulations on the DT.
    To me it seems funny to be just seeing the RST stamps now because I saw them all over the place here about 2 years ago, maybe even 3? But they are timeless stamps.
    How great that most of the news on your hands was good. Managing one-handed - yes, not easy but can be done. Sometimes I type one-handed when I am talking to my Dad. Piano, yes, for sure. Not the full thing but way better than nothing at all. Stamping I've never tried, but I am sure you will find a way.
    My Fair Lady - oh goodness, that has to be one of our favourite musicals. Along with Litle Shop of Horrors DH can sing all the songs AND do most of the dialogue from My Fair Lady.
    Have a good weekend.

  9. Your card is just gorgeous!! Congrats on the design team, and rest up that hand. I hope you are back to normal soon!!

  10. I am so glad that you got some answers about your wrists--I wish it was a little easier, though.

    I am so pumped that you joined Rubber Stamp Tapestry!! I wouldn't have know about them if it wasn't for you!! Such pretty stuff!

    BEAUTIFUL card!!! I love the colors and the depth!!

  11. Such a gorgous Card! I'm so happy you'll be a Rubber Stamp Tapestry designer! Congrats. you deserve it!

  12. Congratulations on your new position!
    This card is beautiful, as always :). Sorry to hear you have to have surgery. But have fun at Disney:).

  13. Beautiful card - love the little rows of pearls! Congrats on the DT gig! Woo Hoo!!!! And I'm so happy to hear that you at least know what's going on with your hands and that relief is in your future.
    hugs, Jami

  14. This card is gorgeous! LOVE the stamp image and all of the pearls on the buckle.

    Congrats on the designer gig!! How exciting!

  15. Congratulations!!! Your wreath is GORGEOUS! I LOVE it!!!! Have fun!!!


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