Monday, May 18, 2009

TV Cameras Are Intimidating

Update on the Auditions for the TV Show:
Well, are we ever exhausted! Saturday night we got home at just after midnight -- we didn't actually eat dinner until 9:30 p.m. -- but I guess we were eating on California time! It was fun - we got to know all the Production Company people from L.A. and they got to know us. GREAT food~

Sunday was absolutely exhausting. We started at 11 AM. Each person had to do an a capella solo with these GIANT lights on them, and three cameras and one of those huge hot dog microphones hanging down. The rest of us were sitting in chairs waiting our turn - watching those on stage. We have ALL sung and performed in front of audiences before but this was SCARY!! We were all so nervous -- one very seasoned performer just did a total blank when she got up there -- couldn't remember her words or the melody. The cameras make it totally different - I will tell you that!

My husband and daughter and I did fine - but we were ALL nervous as could be. My knees were shaking - I was glad I had a skirt on so you couldn't see that! :) My husband sang "Be Our Guest," my daughter sang "A Change in Me" and I sang the theme song "Beauty & the Beast." All the songs had to be from that show.

After that (there were like 35 people), we had to wait around while they did interviews with about 15 people (15 minutes or so). My daughter went first and she was in there about 20 minutes. (She was in heaven and loved talking to them, and they called her "charming!") So that took FOREVER -- some people went home and got games to play, some had books, some iPods, some had Blackberrys and were on the internet. Some just chatted. Some napped. It was so like the footage you get on American Idol as they are waiting their turn to sing! I was even nervous for the interview.

After the interviews 6 people were chosen to read a scene and be taped for that. I was picked to play the vocal coach "high British" diva -- it was fun the first two times, but we had to film it a LOT of times from various angles and so on. After LOTS of times, then they decided they wanted costumes, so we had to wear these WOOL capes, hats and skirts. Four more takes....

We thought we were done, but the younger auditioners had been downstairs singing and dancing and now they had to tape that. It took about 10-12 takes of that. Finally at 9:30 PM, we were through. It had been a LOOOOOOONG day! (And I still had to make my House Mouse card for today!)

Today my husband is doing yet more interviewing and taping, along with a few others, and then tonight the team comes and watches us run auditions for our summer show, "My Fair Lady." Whew!

We find out this coming weekend whether they chose our theatre for the TV show and production, or the one in the East. Either way, it was a fun experience, and made me appreciate what goes on behind the scenes!

And NOW, for my House Mouse card! No wordy explanation - just a sketch challenge that I made up for this week on House Mouse & Friends! Be sure to check out ALL the beautiful DT cards HERE.

I used Kraft, Pink Pirouette and Whisper White for my colors.
Thanks for reading and all the good wishes!


  1. What a fantastic experience Judy! I thoroughly enjoyed reading about it. Can't wait to hear the results!!

    Your card is just charming too! Love the soft pink and the embossing!!

  2. I can not wait to hear what happens :).

    Love this card, I love house mouse and you did an awesome job on this sketch.

  3. Omigosh! It sounds like you had a thrilling weekend, Judy! I wish I could've been there to hear you sing and act. Hey, can I have your autograph? LOL! I'll be praying ya'll get picked for sure!

    Your card is darling! I have always loved HM. I'm surprised you had the energy to create such a pretty little card after your crazy weekend.

  4. What FUN!! And your HM card is super adorable!!

  5. WOW, what a day you've had!! Can't wait to hear the results!!! :) Love this adorable card too!! Fabulous layout, cute image and gorgeous colours!!!

  6. Judy, you are brave! I would have been scared to death and would have been like the one gal and forgot everything! Even who I was! I could never perform in front of so many people!

    I love the colors on your card! What is that green color called? Love it! House Mice are so adorable! Love your flower too!

  7. Wow, Judy! Sounds like you had a great time, even though it took forever...I am thinking good thoughts for you!!

    Your HM card is just adorable too!!

  8. Can't wait to hear the results!!!
    Your card is awesome :D

    Janneke X

  9. Judy that sounds like it was a great time even if everyone was nervous. I think that your DD is charming also. hee hee
    Adorable HM card! Great textured side panel.

  10. Sounds like you had a great time - exhausting but great. Fingers crossed they choose your theatre.
    Beautiful card - such pretty colours, gorgeous image and fabulous embellies.
    Thanks for a great sketch.
    hugs Heather xx

  11. thanks so much for sharing your exciting experiences with fingers and toes are crossed for you.....

    and.....gotta say that is one of the most elegant cards I've seen with the House Mouse....fab work

  12. That HM card is just so sweet!!
    I love hearing about your tv adventures. I hope it turns out to be a positive experience!

  13. How exciting Judy! I hope you guys are chosen!


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