Thursday, February 4, 2016

A Little Bible Art

A few months ago I bought a Bible for journaling. Being the daughter of a Pastor, we had many Bibles in our home growing up. We were taught never to put anything on top of a Bible or to write in it. It took me years before I could even write in pencil in a margin, or underline a verse. It seemed so wrong. But I have come to realize that legalism about a printed book is not worship -- and not how to help me remember things. I took sermon notes for years -- but couldn't relate to them once they were stored away. I needed reminders in the actual book I was reading and studying. So notes became commonplace.

I realize that many have differing views on writing in Bibles, let alone coloring, stamping, drawing, or painting. But it's not a CORE issue. It's not about the Gospel, or about what we believe about God. He is not any less my God because I have a separate Bible that I now draw and stamp and paint in. He is MORE my God because he has created me to be CREATIVE. And if art gets me into His Word more, that's a GOOD thing. It's not taking anything away from my reverence or awe or fear (and I mean that in the God-fearing way) or even my study, it is increasing my time focusing and meditating on what the Word is saying to ME. And being a visual person, it helps me to remember verses and lessons better, just as music based on scripture does.

Anyway, I felt like I needed to preface this post with that. It's certainly a departure from what you usually see here, but I am loving working in my Bible as a journal for artistic thoughts about life and how I fit in.

I told some journaling friends I would post some step photos from a project I completed this morning. So here they are!
I prepped my page with Martha Stewart's White Gesso. I wanted to prevent as much bleed through as I could, and knew I wanted to watercolor on my page. I applied it with a brush and let it dry - it was very quick. I used my heat gun as an added drying source to be sure. I stamped my verse and poppies from Sweet 'n Sassy's Precious Poppies.

Next I tested my Kuretake watercolors on each flower to see what color I might like for each one, as the thin onion skin paper changes the colors a bit. I used an acrylic block as my palette to water down the color - again for bleedthrough.

I completed each flower with a slightly different mix to see what I might like.

Finally, I added some blues for a background, and then finished off the page with some Glimmermist spray for a little sheen. I had made the matching bookmark several weeks back, and wanted a matching style for the Proverbs page. This is the end of a chapter, so no text was covered by my design.
What do you think?


  1. I really like this Judy!! Both your post, AND your art!!

  2. Beautiful Judy! When you put the gesso on does it bleed through to the front of the page? I've seen a few people doing this with their bibles and have often wondered if both sides of the pages are effected. Love the poppies and your coloring. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thanks so much for this post. I received a journaling Bible for Christmas and haven't been able to mark in it. I have been reading what I could find and wondering about several things. I would like to stamp and trying to find out if I can emboss before I try it. Yours is just beautiful and really helpful. I hope you continue to show us your pages.

  4. Looks beautiful! Thank you for your share at the beginning of your post. I agree.

  5. I am trying to start a prayer journaling group but looking for some ideas. Any suggestions to add to mine????


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