Sunday, May 6, 2007

The lovely smell of rain...

I absolutely love the smell of a soft rain. And it's about time we had one! For two nights now, we have been inundated with 60+ mph winds and torrential downpours. My garage is wet, but the house is still dry inside. No basement moisture yet! My turtle would probably enjoy that since he is a water turtle. His name is Raph -- he is actually my son's turtle, named after Raphael, the TMNT. We got him when my son was entering 2nd grade -- he just finished his first year of college last week. Little did we know Raph would still be with us!

Anyway, the deck door is open and I can hear the patter of rain and it smells heavenly. Even my lab/basset (a story for another day!), Lucy, holds her nose up and sniffs the fragrance of "clean" every once in awhile.

On this rainy day, I made a card using one of the new Palette o' Prints papers from Stampin' Up! You can see the card above. Not much stamping -- just one of the "Warm Words" stamps -- but I love the papers and the rich colors and patterns. This card was inspired by another stamper's card (Alli Miles) and you see her card here.

My son comes home from college (1500 miles away from me) in a week - on Mother's Day. What a great gift! My whole family home (I also have a 14 yr. old daughter).

Remember that Creedence Clearwater Revival song "Who'll Stop the Rain"? Well, I guess that dates me! Some may not like it, but I am content just listening.

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