Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Ok, here goes.....

The problem with my watermarks is not the watermarks themselves --- they are beautiful and just what I wanted (see my sidebar for where I got them!). I don't have the right program to use them!! So sad, I know. Photoshop would be nice... So I tried something else and this is the upload to see if it works. This makes the photos blurry (and I am so picky about that) but I really want to show off what Cindy made for me too -- this is the swirly one. There is something cool about seeing your name all fancy! The giraffe one to come later today or tomorrow!

Oh yeah -- don't you just love that little ant?

Ok -- here is the other watermark on a matching card. I collect giraffes and am known on SCS as JAR so this really fit both of those things. Thanks again, Cindy, for a great job!

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