Sunday, August 26, 2007

I don't like spiders; I don't like snakes.....

I usually don't make Halloween cards. Mostly because I am busy doing other stuff in October -- it's a big month in our family for Marching Band activities every weekend, and the high school musical (no, not THAT High School Musical - Fiddler on the Roof this year) is also in October and I usually help with that. But the SCS Ways To Use It Challenge this week was to make a Halloween card. I have had this little mummy and spider for a couple of years and have never inked them! So I decided it was time to dust them off! And you know what? I had fun making it! I might even make a GOB of Halloween cards this year.....seeing as it is still August, I might make the DEADline.......(haha....get it? ok -- bad PUN!)
My mummy is walking in monster slime~


  1. This card kept me in stitches...OK, not as good as your pun. Slimy card...oh, yeah, it's supposed to be... very cute! He needs the stitches on his unwrapping shroud. Good luck with your busy fall schedule.

  2. By the way, Paulette is very inquisitive and alert, isn't she? The perfect pet- never sloshed strawberry smoothie on the carpet or sleeps on your pillow...


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