Friday, August 10, 2007

Wishes and Dreams

I wish I could "beam" myself places - like they did on Star Trek. My son leaves for North Carolina tomorrow to begin his second year of college at UNCG. It's a long way from home!

I wish I was independently wealthy so I could stamp all day and just make cards and journals to send to my friends.

I wish I had a new car. My husband spent most of the day yesterday trying to fix our 1996 van so it has air conditioning. If your area is like ours, we are having HOT and HUMID days -- yesterday the humidity here was 79%. Eek!

I wish I could be Mary Poppins one day a week and snap my fingers like in "Spoonful of Sugar." What fun cleaning would be if I could just sing and snap!

I wish I could see a Dallas Cowboys game in Texas Stadium. (Pre-season has started! Did you see the game against the Colts last night??)

I wish school didn't start on Monday.

I wish I were 40 pounds lighter - maybe I could move to the moon? :)

I wish dogs didn't shed (I love my dogs and want them to be inside dogs, so this I put up with!).

I wish people would spay and neuter their pets.

I wish people weren't lonely, hungry, alone, orphaned, homeless, afraid, poor, cruel, angry, fighting.

I wish we had peace on earth.


  1. Judy, that's a lot of wishes! I love the card...I wish for good Health for me and my family....Oh, and A/C for MY van. LOL!

  2. Nice job on your card! I wish your weather was more stable, altho not watering the grass is a plus! The humidity is a bear! I'm cooler in 105 degree heat with less humidity than I am in NE...


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