Friday, October 5, 2007

Designer Paper - I love it!

What a busy week -- It seems I am saying that a lot lately! I need to remember how to say "no" !! Every feel like that? I like doing too many different things and then I get asked to do something else and I say "yes!"

So, I was so glad that today's challenge was supposed to be quick! "Quick and Easy Cards with Designer Paper." Well, I have a ton of that! In fact, that is my big weakness. I love patterned paper and I have enough to last a lifetime! It's the solid cardstock I keep running out of. Although part of the challenge was easy -- and I agreed with that, "quick" is not in my card-making vocabulary. I just think about the layout and position and embellishments way too long. But here is what I came up with:
I had used this paper in another card and it took 5 minutes to make (that one, not this one). This one is a much easier layout and it took almost an hour. And it shouldn't have -- I only stamped one little circle!

I think tomorrow I will give myself a 15 minute time limit. Come back and see if I made it!


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