Saturday, December 29, 2007

Thinking about Resolutions

Our family went to see the new National Treasure movie yesterday. What fun that is! Good action, excitement, a fun storyline and history (somewhat altered) to boot. We loved the first one and this one was equally enjoyable for all. One of the neat things about these two movies is that they inspired me to learn a little more about the history of our country. After the first movie came out, we made a family trip (not because of the movie; it was already planned) to Washington D.C. I had never been there before and it still is one of my favorite trips we have made. It was really interesting to see all the things we had seen in the movie and have seen in the news on TV for years. My favorite place of all to visit was a surprise to me -- The Ford Theater - where Lincoln was shot. The museum in the basement just fascinated me. So many things about that story that I had never taken the time to read about. And that is where the new National Treasure movie began - the Ford Theater, with Lincoln being shot.

Well, what does all this have to do with resolutions? One of the main parts of the story in the movie revolves around the Resolute Desks. There are two twin desks - one in the U.S. and one in England. I had never even heard them called that, although I was aware of the desks - there is hardly anyone my age or older who hasn't seen the picture of John Jr. peeking out of the door under his father's (JFK) feet. So today I did some digging. I thought first about the term resolute and what it means: "firm in purpose or belief; characterized by firmness and determination"; "stood resolute against the enemy"; "faced with a resolute opposition"; "a resolute and unshakeable faith." That certainly fit what world leaders do when they sit there and make decisions about their country's future. I thought that was where the name probably came from. But I did some more digging.

The desks were actually made in 1879 by order of Queen Victoria from wood that was recovered from the HMS Resolute - a decommissioned British vessel. One desk sits in Buckingham Palace (which I have also been to!) and the other, as a gift from the Queen, in the White House. Read more about them here. There is also a great picture there.

That got me thinking about New Year's Resolutions. We have all made them. We have all broken them. And I decided that was because, at least in my case, I wasn't "firm in purpose or belief"; I didn't "stand resolute against the enemy"; I didn't have "a resolute and unshakeable faith." It was almost as if when I made the resolutions, I knew I would break them. It's so easy just to say "Oh, well, that's how it goes." But there are some things I need to stand firm in and be serious enough about - just as the decisions for our world leaders as they sit at those Resolute Desks.

So, rather than making resolutions, which I tend to break or forget about after a month, I resolve to be resolute in a couple of areas in my life that I have not been --- really. The first one is to become as healthy as I can. Not to lose weight, not to be "skinny" (like that will ever happen - or should -- I was born a pear and will remain a pear -- no cinnamon sticks here!), not for looks or others' approval, but just to be healthy and try to prevent some of the diseases that seem to overtake us in our later years. I read somewhere that for every 15 minutes you walk, you increase your life by 15 minutes. In 15 minutes, I could hear my son play a trumpet piece, or listen to a song he has written. I could fix my daughter's hair one more time, and I could talk to a friend on the phone (or surf the net!). I could read an article my husband has written and talk to him about it. I could play with my dogs or watch the snow fall. That's a lot to miss out on...

As far as card-making goes, I will have to walk a lot, since you know I usually can't make a card in under an hour! haha!! I will need lots of 15 minute increments for my cards! So here is my inspiration in becoming resolute about getting healthy. I had fun making this --

Stamps: Dolly Mama; Image a gift from Joycelyn (Stamps'nCoffee)
Paper: Whisper White, DP by Stamping Station
Ink: Basic Black, Green Galore, Lavender Lace, Lovely Lilac, Gable Green, Almost Amethyst, Barely Banana, Yoyo Yellow, Creamy Caramel
Accessories: dotted ribbon by Pebbles
May you resolve to be resolute about something in 2008!


  1. Judy this is so cool! I am going to the link about the desk later. But I love your story and has encouraged me to walk the 15 more often. Thanks.... Stac

  2. Good one Judy. We went to see that movie on Friday. I need to be more resolute about my health as well this year, maybe we can help each other out.

    Oh yeah and I am tagging you, check out all the details on my blog

  3. Thanks for the inspiration to stick to my goal of trimming down the bottom half of my pear shape! Happy New Year and may you continue to enjoy LOTS of stamping!

  4. Love this girl! (With her skinny little waist!)


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