Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Quick and Easy Yummy Punch

Here is a great little punch when you are having a summer party or a brunch or shower. You will need three clean ice-cube trays.


11 oz. can mandarin oranges
4 1/2 C OJ
small can crushed pineapple
6 C. pineapple juice
4 1/2 C cranberry juice
4 C. ginger ale

Place mandarin orange segments from an 11 oz. can in an ice-cube tray and top with 1/2 C. orange juice. In a second tray, repeat with crushed pineapple and juice. Divide 1/2 C. cranberry juice in a third tray. Freeze 4 hours. To serve, stir 4 C. OJ, 6 C. pineapple juice, 4 C. cranberry juice and 4 C. ginger ale together in a large bowl and add fruit ice cubes. Enjoy!

I am working on my tutorial - stop by later tonight!


  1. YUM :o) ... this sound delicious! Hey, it's Thursday, so Happy Anniversary to you!! Have you & the hubby have a great day!

  2. That sounds refreshing!

    I'm just catching up... wow...lots going on for you. Congrats on the guest spot at Daily Bread... your cards have been just beautiful!

    I'm sorry to hear about your fur baby... I know just how hard it is to make that decision... but as you know... it was the right thing to do.

    Your new lab is sooooo cute!

    Big Hugs

  3. Judy, This sounds awesome and is definatly going in my "special only recipe box" Oh yummm I am going to see if I have the stuff now.....

    or I could send dh out to get ginger ale

  4. That sounds yummy and refreshing! Thanks for sharing!!!


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