Saturday, November 1, 2008

New Releases and Blog Candy Today !!

Today at Our Daily Bread Designs, there is lots going on! The new releases are now available and you can see them HERE. We are also welcoming three new designers, Sita Mahedeo, Jami Bova, and Lorelie Kim. Jami and Lorelie have been Guest Designers and we are so excited to have them on the regular team now, in addition to Sita! Be sure to check out their blogs and galleries for all of their wonderful creations! Click on the links in the sidebar below for a trip to the Design Team's blogs.

Kelley is now carrying some really neat Ornare piercing templates, which I love, and some awesome new designer paper. Take a stroll through the ODBD Website and see what's new!
And as a special treat, I am offering Psalm 23 as blog candy this weekend! My first card made with this stamp is HERE. You can see more samples HERE. To enter, leave a comment with your favorite new release for November or choose from the October releases as well (Reason for the Season, Footprints in the Sand, We Three Kings, Flourished Christian Symbols)! I will choose a winner on Monday afternoon.

On a very sad note, our sweet and dear friend Laurie Schmidlin, who is on the ODBD DT, as well as many others, is in need of fervent prayers for her daughter, Ali. Please pray for Ali, as she has a very serious medical condition right now.

Thanks for stopping by today. I am hoping that my regular computer will be back soon, so I can upload some of the things I have been working on!


  1. Psalms 23 has become so precious to me with my dad's illness. In his (my dad's) book, he has emphasized how God has promised we will walk THROUGH the shadow of death. We don't stay there. (He says it much more eloquently.) In addition, it is only the "shadow" of death and we all know, shadows don't hurt us. Thank you for offering this, Judy, what a special stamp!

  2. My favorite is We three kings. This set is fantastic. I will also pray for Ali. I will have to check out the new templates too.

  3. I love Sing to the Lord, Joy to the World, We Three Kings... actually, I like them all!

    My thoughts and prayers go out to Ali and family !

  4. WoW all the New Releases are just awesome. But I'm going to say FOOT PRINTS. I just love that say and it give me chills everytime.

    Also I will keep Ali and her family in my prayers.

    Thanks for a chance.

  5. Thanks for the welcome...I just love designing with you!!
    hugs, Jami

  6. Hi!Judy...
    I would have to say that Psalm 23 is my favorite Psalm
    So this new release is my favorite!
    I have to keep reminding myself that the Lord is my Shepperd and that I have all that I need!

  7. Hope your PC woes are nearer being sorted.
    The Lord is my Shepherd was my favourite of this month's releases, so many songs started running through my head when I saw it, He shall feed His flock like a Shepherd, and the one from the Psalms that I haven't heard for years since I used to use it in Sunday School...and more.

  8. My Favorite new release is the wisemen stamp "We Three Kings. I've seen so many beautiful creations with that image! I love the star especially! I'm so sorry to hear about Laurie's daughter. I read her blog regularly. I will keep her in my prayers.

  9. I like reason for the season...thanks for letting me play

  10. Laurie, her dd, and her family will continue to be in my prayers!

    My favoite is the Lord is my Shepherd set. I am focusing on making cards for dh to use for work--and it isn't too guyish or girly--good for him to use--I am thinkin'.

  11. Hi Judy,
    I have to say my personal favorite is the Joy to the World set. Being a Christian, I am a bit surprised that I down own any stamps with a manger scene. I think I have just been waiting to see one that really caught my eye. I finally have! What a tender moment we see in this stamp set. I would love to have the Psalms 23 stamp too. In fact, I would love to have ALL of the Our Daily Bread stamps! They are just breathtaking. I truly enjoy checking your blog all of the time and seeing all of the magical things you do with paper, ink, stamps and imagination. I am inspired by you on a regular basis.

  12. My favorite is Psalms 23 I love what it says I read it all the time.I found a copy and put it on my husbands wall so he can read it everyday.It has so much meaning .It make you feel good inside .I fear no evil ! That sticks in my head the most .Anyway Ijust love the stamp.

  13. Judy-I enjoy your blog so much!
    Love all Our Daily Bread stamps, but would love to have Footprints
    in the Sand! I love how their
    designers share their faith on their cards and blogs, and will keep Ali in my prayers. Thanks,

  14. This is a hard choice, I love footprints though, it has a lot of meaning to me, but I love them all! Thanks for the chance and I will put Ali inmy prayers, I have a granddaughter named Ally who is very dear to me, I pray for her all the time as she has had JD (diabetes)since she was 18 months old...well...thank you !!

  15. The news of someone's daughter being ill is so difficult to hear. My prayers of comfort for Laurie, Ali and the family and may the Holy Spirit guide them in their decisions.

    Flourished Christian Symbols and Fruit of the Sprit.

  16. The Lord is My Shepherd is my absolute favorite. Thank you so much for the chance at blog candy! Thanks for mentioning Laurie, too. She and her daughter, and their whole family, are in my prayers.

  17. I hope I didn't miss the cut off for the blog candy! I just love the Joy to the World set. Thanks for the chance.

  18. My favorite The wise men stamp, and since I am new at card making it is on my wish list to get. Being new I have no Christmas stamps as of yet :). Thanks for the special offering .


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