Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Blog Candy - Won't Add To Your Hips!

Good morning!

Today I am offering some Blog Candy to celebrate my second blogaversary on May 3rd. Keep reading!

To be eligible, just leave a comment on this post, and mention my candy on your blog with a link back here. A winner will be drawn on May 9th! One entry per person.
Thank you to all of my readers and subscribers! Keep reading!

Today I want to show you my little May baskets. As I said here, I like to use recycled anything to make other things. This was a pineapple can. I like the tin look, so I left that part intact, and didn't cover it up totally with designer paper. But you could certainly do that too.

Here is the "basket" empty:
First I punched my border using Martha Stewart's lace doily punch. My paper is from the Crafty Secrets line - called Radiant. I attached it to the can with Sticky Strip. On top of that I used glue dots to add a lace trim. I added two little stickers - also from Crafty Secrets "Wonderful Women"- and a giant Prima flower with a pearl in the center. (Click on either picture for a close-up view - the sentiment sticker says "Love You.")

The lilacs are in full bloom in my yard (see these pictures from a previous year at how many I have!) and I cut a couple of groupings to put in my basket. This would be so cute for Mother's Day this weekend!

It is now ready to hang on a doorknob belonging to the recipient! And now for the blog candy! Since I used Crafty Secrets products on my baskets, and also am so thankful for my stamping friends' support of my work and my blog, and just me (!), I am offering this darling acrylic set called "Support the Girls" by Crafty Secrets! I will be adding something every day for the next three days~

Remember to post a comment here and also on your blog telling about my blog candy with a link back here! I am hoping to have 100 followers by the end of May! (More candy then!)
Thanks for stopping by~ I hope you all have a wonderful day!


  1. I like the sort of rustic look from leaving some of the tins bare.So cool that you can have some water in them too, for the flowers. And goodness, I can just imagine the smell. I love the scent of lilacs, can't get over how many you have.

  2. What a cool idea, this is just gorgeous. I love flower's and love the smell of lilacs. It is funny you are having blog candy today I just put you on my post this morning about winning the last one :), and told folks to come by here to visit you.

  3. Judy, this is just amazing. Who would have thought to use a pineapple can, lol! I will be hoarding all cans from now on, hahaha! Thanks for offering the candy...hope I win it! Will put it on my blog.

  4. ok, those are soooo pretty!! i love to recycle! i posted a link to your blog on mine!

  5. LOVE these Judy! WOW!! What a great idea! Happy blogaversary!!

  6. Hi, Judy...how cute are these cans! Here's a link to my blog about your blog candy offering. Congrats!


  7. What a fantasitc Idea! They are so beautiful! Happy Blogaversary! I will post a link to my blog.

  8. Judy you are the first person I've heard in a long time mention May baskets! We used to make these (not just like these) but we'd make little baskets and fill with flowers and hang them on friends and neighbor's doors on May 1. I guess is't a New England thing because most people have never heard of it.

    Your violets are to die for! I can just imagine the aroma! I LOVE lilacs! They are among my favorites! Beautiful baskets!

    I'll go reference your candy right now and congrats on the milestone!

  9. Congratulations Judy - what a great achievement!! Thank God for ladies like you!! Thank you also for the opportunity to play for this FABULOUS SET - I love it but never knew who made it - so thank you! I have linked you to my NEW BLOG here:


    - how exciting!! God bless you!

  10. What cute May Baskets! I love them. congrats on your blogaversary. I posted it on my blog: http://amyscreativepursuits.blogspot.com/2009/05/more-blog-candy.html

  11. I love Lilacs! Ours are just coming into bloom too! We also use tin cans for vases , though I must say, yours are much prettier!

    I don't have a blog to link to you. I'm going to check and see if I follow you or not, I can't remember!

    Thanks and Happy Blogaversary!

  12. Judy, your little May baskets are beautiful and such a great idea! I've just become a follower. Hope you have a great day.
    Hugs, Anne. dinkuminkum at yahoo dot co dot nz

  13. These are cool and pretty. I too love using recycled items in my crafts. I think it started when I was a child and we used recycled cottage cheese cartons for Easter baskets. These are much classier though. Great job. I'm going to post a like on my BLOG to here right now.

  14. Judy, Happy Blogaversary! You have a wonderful Blog, full of information, fun and super crafts. I love your lilacs and decorated can, such a great idea. Way to recycle!!

  15. What a cute idea. I wish my flowers were in full bloom right now. So pretty.

  16. Cute, cute, cute! You just have tons of imagination.

  17. Judy, I am so glad to have found you here, especially after your kind comments to me the other day!
    This is a great idea, and I love the unfinished tin idea for a May Basket! I love your blog and if I can figure out how, I'll leave a link on mine later today!
    Congratulations on your Blogaversary!

  18. Congratulations on your blogaversary and thanks for the chance to win the gorgeous candy

  19. Hooray for blog candy!
    And... congratulations on the 2nd year blogaversary! I'm slowly working my way in that direction as well. :o)


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