Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year and Welcome to 100 Joys

HaPpY NeW YeAr!
It's another one of those fun "number" days today: 1/1/11. 
I hope you all enjoyed a safe and fun New Year's Eve.
A long post today, but I hope you will stick with me.

Yesterday I posted a few resolutions that I wanted to make for this new year.  I have a huge list besides those, and plan to share them along the way.  I think sometimes people are afraid to make resolutions because they are afraid of failure.  If you don't make them, it's one less thing to not feel guilty about, right?  Well, I make them every year.  And many times I don't stick to them.  But I would never tell my child or a student to stop trying, so I need to take my own advice and try. Learn from mistakes and failures, and maybe stick with a few in the process!

One of my resolutions from yesterday (and the basis for my card) was to ride my bike more (both inside and out).  I got up this morning at 7 and dragged myself downstairs to ride. I popped in Star Trek and rode away.  Nine miles done! More than I would have done had I not done it the first thing this morning. And now I feel like I can start my day!

Another resolution for this year is to show more kindness.  I tend to be an impatient person, and I need to bring back some gentleness and kindness.  So I made this card late last night as part of my "Celebrate Those Resolutions" challenge to myself.

I used the Brambly Rose Fabric Stamp Set and Plant Kindness Block Stamp for my images.  You can find them at Rubber Stamp Tapestry.  I stamped with VersaColor and Encore Metallic inks and then embossed with Clear Detail Powder. Edges are embossed as well.  The bottom half of the card was stamped with a VersaMark pad.

If you are familiar with my stamping style (I don't even know what that is, really, or what that means!), you have probably noticed that I tend to use designer or patterned paper on just about every card I make. I didn't use any on here and think it turned out okay! :)
Which brings me to another one of my resolutions:
My birthday is in July, so I am hoping I don't weaken on this one! I have more paper than I will ever use in two lifetimes, but it is a weakness.  I don't need it, so I resolve to use what I HAVE!

And that brings me to Joy #1.  I mean, my blog name is JOY in a JAR (my initials are JAR).  I got this idea from Sarah Markley, whose blog is incredibly inspirational. Check it out. She wanted to highlight and photograph and remember 100 Joys in her life - all in the month of December. And she did!
I am going to take 100 days - one a day.
But it will show me so many things about life that I love and can be joyful about.
And it will show me that there truly is
Joy in a JAR.
And here is the first:

A beautiful sunrise to greet me after my bike ride and to greet the new year.  I live on a slight hill and look over a beautiful city park across the street. This was what greeted me on the first day of the first month of 2011.

Find joy. Don't be afraid to make resolutions. Failure at something is inevitable. And so is success.
Happy New Year!


  1. You are such an inspiration Judy! Love your card and your words, one of my resolutions this year is the same as one of yours, show more kindness, and to do more kindness! I am a long time follower of your blog but rarely ever comment, I will try to be better at that in the future as I know encouragement means so much! Happy New Year my sweet friend!

  2. How very inspiring, Judy! You know my name around in the arty world is One4Joy, so I feel we are kin. I realized as I was reading your commentary that I am an inpatient gurl, too. I certainly don't mean to be. I think part of my 'badness' in that area is the feeling of constantly being rushed. My nature is one of hurry. I resolve to take it down several notches and be more purposeful.

    I love your card today and actually thought it was one of the Basic Grey you did well making your own DP. And what a tough resolution you've got with the no new DP...though nothing will be discontinued in those 6 months.

    Happy New Year to JoYfUl you, JuDY!!!

  3. What a beautiful photo! It makes me want to get up early some with my camera and see what i might catch.

    I can't believe you will be able to wait until July for new DSP.

  4. What a stunning THAT is the way to start off a beauty of a new year.....Love the idea of 'counting' or acknowledging ones joys.....kudos to you

    your card is a beauty as well

    Happy New Year

  5. With that sunrise to start with I will be looking forward to seeing the rest of the joy you share with us through the year.

  6. Judy,

    Beautiful rose card and stunning sunrise photo! I have a weakness too for designer paper.

  7. Judy this is beautiful, great layout and I like how you stamped your floral print. Great resolutions and good luck on the no designer papers one. hee hee I know that one will be hard. kidding... I never make them just because I really never have. I do evaluate the things I would like to do different and makes changes, but never a resolution I guess. Smae dif if you think about it. Anyways... I am babbling. Hugs to you in this new year...


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