Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Day I Wasn't So Precise

Last weekend, as I sat in the midst of a fabulous group of stampers, I felt rushed. We had three cards to get through and I was on #1 and everyone was moving to #3. I thought, "Why does it take me so long to make everything??" And I decided that I am just too precise and too much of a perfectionist on some days. Sometimes that makes me frustrated, because it can take me three hours to make one CAS card. And that's just silly (not too mention time-consuming).

Learning mixed media techniques like gelli printing and Brusho has helped me become less OCD about everything turning out exactly as I planned. HA! You CAN'T really plan -- and that's the BEST part! I will share some of those prints and designs later this week.

Today I decided to watercolor -- which I LOVE -- but I still always want everything in the lines, and all the colors to blend EXACTLY, and so on and so on....... BUT TODAY I decided not to be precise at all -- or plan the color or how it fell on the paper.

I have these amazing LARGE tags that are 3.5 x 8.5 from Julie Nutting (made for her people stamps), and they are watercolor paper. I just bought a new book, and needed a bookmark for it, so I grabbed one of those, some water and a brush, some reinkers, and my almost favorite Sweet 'n Sassy Stamps set, Precious Poppies.
I stamped with Archival Black ink (Stampin' Up!) and let it dry, then decided just to paint freely and quickly and whatever turned out is what it would be. When I was all done, and it was dry, I sprayed some Gold Glimmermist over the top for a fun sheen (you can see dots around and some of the sparkle, but it is so pretty IRL).
And because I love fibers so much, and especially because not many people use them anymore, I added a big bunch of four different kinds of fluff for the top so I can find my place easily in my book!

And it was VERY FREEING. :)
I will always be precise in most of my stamping. But it's also fun to just let the art happen, and be happy with that too.

Happy Thursday!

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