Sunday, August 31, 2008

WHAT A SALE!!! Don't Miss It!

Hambo Stamps - "State Your Discount" SALE!!!

Just in time for Labor Day, Hambo Stamps is having a SALE! For 36 hours we'll discount every regularly-priced stamp on our website by 30% -- though if you're quick, you can receive 35% off your order! How do you qualify for the extra discount? Be the FIRST person from your state to place an order! That means up to 50 people will receive the extra discount. This is big, because it includes all of our best-sellers and the stamps never before sold at a discount.

Here are the particulars:
The discount applies only to orders placed between 12:01pm (EST) on Sunday, August 31 to 12:01am (EST) Tuesday, September 2. (In other words, from noon on Sunday, to midnight Monday.)

States will be counted based on shipping addresses. Once an order has been received that will ship to a state, that state will be removed from the list, and everyone else from that state to order will receive the 30% discount. You MUST provide the shipping address with your order, or you could lose the extra discount in the time it takes for me to email back and ask for the address. When I email back with the payment details, I'll tell you which discount you'll receive.
International customers will receive the 30% discount as well.

There is a limit of one of each design per customer.
The discount applies only to in-stock items, with no back-orders available.
The free shipping offer does NOT apply during this sale event.
Because things tend to get very busy when we have big sales like this, it might take slightly longer than usual for me to get back to you with your payment details. Your patience is appreciated!
The above announcement comes straight from Monica at Hambo Stamps, so please e-mail her at for information and to answer questions.

Be sure to check out the site HERE. What a GREAT sale!


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