Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Breathing in the Fragrance

When we were in Colorado two weeks ago, one of the things I noticed I kept doing was breathing deeply to take in the fresh, clear mountain air. I live in a humid part of the country (although not as humid as the south or east!) and it is also an agricultural area. Those two things combined make for air that is hard to take in most of the time. It's thick, and it's full of "stuff" from pesticides and pollen and weeds and so on. When I got to the Rocky Mountains, I felt like I was in air heaven.

I breathed in the "fragrance" of the air. It was so refreshing and made me feel alive again. Sometimes my husband and I feel deadened to the area where we live. We are "transplants" -- here for jobs, and not because we chose the place. But God chose it for us for now, and we have loved raising our family here and have loved our good friends.

I can't breathe that Rocky Mountain air now. But I remember it and can take in the fragrance of the memory!
These flowers, by Rubber Stamp Tapestry, are from Rose Trio, the set special for June. You can see how I made this card and what supplies I used HERE. This week all orders over $30 get a FREE sparrow stamp - while supplies last!

Thank you to those praying for my mom and dad. Yesterday my mom had a total hip replacement and today my dad had some minor surgery as well. It has been a crazy couple of days. My son left yesterday to fly back to North Carolina (he won't be back here until Christmas!), and got stuck overnight in Memphis due to weather related issues. He finally did get home today around noon! Right after our rehearsal for "My Fair Lady" last night, our weather here turned crazy. They were predicting 80 mile per hour winds and up to 4 inch hail - which, thankfully, passed us by! But it was a crazy rain night. The streets were flooded and we now (overnight!) have hundreds of mushrooms in our backyard! Too bad they aren't the eating kind!

I hope you have a blissfully fragrant day!


  1. This is just so very pretty, Judy! Love the buttons and the tag hanging from it! Very clever!

    Send some of the rain my way pleeeese! :)

  2. I came here to get a whiff of your fresh air! It's lovely being on your blog and sharing that blissful frangrance! You see, today we had a Japanese Tea Party and learned how to sumo wrestle and Bertie starting slinging sushi! Whew between that and the sweaty sumo wrestler, it stinks big time! Your blog is a nice retreat!!!

    I love the cards you make with these fun little stamps. They are creative and fun, light and airy! This is a beautiful one! Just like your description of Colorado Mountain air.

    We do have some pretty fragrant cattle yards too! Snort!

  3. Judy this is sooo beautiful, I love your design and your stamping is fantastic!! Gorgeous!

  4. I love the buttons and how you hung the little tag from them. Great card! Refreshing indeed.

  5. Love your story about the Rockies and love your card. Great job with these little stamps. Blessings, Diane/Lost in the 60's/Planted In Joy

  6. I am missing the mountains, and I was just there, Judy!! Although Cindy is right about the fragrant cattle as well...
    Sounds like you're having a lot of the same things going on in your life as I am right now...I will say a prayer for your Mom and Dad tonight.
    Your card is lovely and soft and cute all in one!

  7. This is a beautiful card , Judy!
    so pretty!!

  8. I love the soft beauty of this card. Hope both of your parents are doing well and have a speedy recovery!

  9. Lovely card Judy! Such soft colors. Sorry to hear you are getting such destructive weather in your region. It has been a horrible time for so many folks around the country.


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