Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Welcome the New Hambo Stamps Design Team!

Welcome to the new Bacon Bits for Hambo Stamps! All this week on Talk to the Ham, Monica has been introducing the six new Bacon Bits that will be joining Hambo for the next four months, and I am excited to also introduce them here:
Today at the Hambo Hoedown, they are all highlighting the newest Hambo digital image: Flower Monster! Head on over there to see what fun creations they came up with for their debut!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I want to share some fun photos with you of a recent "Junk Jaunt" to a wonderful place I discovered while looking for vintage lace and props for my play I am directing (opening night is tomorrow!). This place is in a little tiny town 25 miles west of my town and takes up an entire block. Here are some pictures I took on my phone (hence the fuzzy quality) of some of the aisles and areas where you can find ANYTHING and all sorts of treasures you didn't expect!

There are rows and rows of old tins and containers:
Aisles and aisles and aisles of old books and current paperbacks, as well as old sheet music, movies, and records (I found a great Frank Sinatra record I needed for my 1966 play setting, got a John Grisham paperback and a large print book for my mom!):
 Drawers and old post office box doors:
And fabric, seam binding (I bought it all!), vintage tablecloths, lace, old crochet hooks, cigar boxes (also needed for my play!), ANYTHING you can think of!
 Rows and rows of knickknacks, teapots, glassware, china, kitchenware -- I even found a little giraffe!
I didn't even take photos of the furniture, farm equipment, photographs, paintings, toys, oh the list goes on and on. Basically, the owners buy up full estate sales - yep, everything - and then put it in their store. They are only open on Saturdays, and it's like a big party when you go there. Anyway, I found oodles of gorgeous vintage lace and seam binding (some of the packages were from JCPenney's and said 8 cents!) - probably 100 yards of lace! And for a cost to me of $4!!! Yep - one package of fancy satin lace trim that I got would have been at least $8-10 retail now. I came home and bagged it all in Ziplocs ready to use on crafts and cards. What a fun day! Joy #22! (I have sort of forgotten about posting Joys, so am ready to continue with those!)

Thanks for stopping by today! I appreciate all of you!


  1. I popped over to tell you that I love your Hoedown card! That "junk" place seems amazing! I would want to spend hours there looking for treasures. :)

  2. Oh and oh - that looks like an Aladdin's cave full of treasure. I would LOVE to see it in real life. Sounds as if you made some great finds for yourself as well as for your play. Good luck with the opening night tonight (my time it's already your tomorrow :D).

  3. Shut up! Talk about being able to lose youself in a place for days!!! So cool :) Well done on the awesome seambinding find too...Break a leg :)

  4. That store sounds like a real gold mine for finding vintage goodies! Thanks for sharing the pics!


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