Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Freshly Made Sketches #374

It's Wednesday and time for a new sketch at FreshlyMade Sketches! Jen B. is our hostess today, and has a fun (and challenging) sketch for you to try out! The team came up with such a variety of amazing ideas for inspiration, so be sure to check them out HERE.

Usually I take a few liberties with the sketch, or change the shapes or something, but today I decided to follow it as closely as I could. I happen to LOVE circles {sorry, Jen B, I know you hold the big ones at a distance! :) } and this was really fun to spend some time on.

I decided to make a rainbow of sorts and watercolor various shades of my rainbow (which includes pink more than red, of course!) on watercolor paper. And then I did something rather extraordinary ---- don't faint ---- I got out my CIRCLE PUNCHES! Yes, and I had to dust them off from sitting on the shelf for probably more than a year (I know, Marie Kondo, then why do I have them?? For days like this one: joy!). I have sizes ranging from 2 inches to 1/4 inches, and used all I had so no one felt left out. :)

The most fun was choosing which circles to use, and where to put them so that I had all the colors, as well as most in the sketch! And then I had the most perfect sentiment -- from Kylee Boo by Picket Fence Studios.

You really have to go see what my teamies made - there are some amazing ideas for this sketch! I hope you have a bubbly day!
Come play along with us. Our challenge is open until 3 PM EST on Monday!


  1. what a fun sentiment to go with your colorful 'bubbles'!

  2. I think I've got the same assortment of circle punches as you and I wouldn't part with them ever! You never know when you will need them! I love how you've arranged those colorful circles! And the sentiment is perfect!

  3. Love this card Judy! I love how you created different watercolored circles! I totally used my circle punches and would never part with them...along with a ton of other stuff in my house!!!

  4. Oh that sentiment works perfectly with your card! And punches? I've still got all mine and haven't used them in forever, but you know, one day I might need them like you did :)

  5. LOVE this, Judy! You nailed this sketch and the watercolored rainbow circles are wonderful! Love everything about this, including the fabulous sentiment. I am now wondering why oh why did I sell my circle punches!?


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